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We built Weekend Voyagers to spread the excitement of adventure, whether down the street from your crazy uncle's house or across the globe, by inspiring people to explore, voyage, and discover.

In our community, we reject embracing the comfortable, refrain from defaulting to the familiar, and despise the status quo. Here we fight complacency one adventure at a time.
So ask yourself, Where could I be with a little adventure?

Hi, we are Weekend Voyagers, and we are so grateful to be able to help people explore on a weekly basis. With over 11.7K organic Instagram subscribers, and 1.6K Facebook likes. All we can say is 
"Voyage on."




We hope to inspire an entire group of people we have dubbed Weekend Voyagers to get out and discover. We've made it our mission to travel and experience as much as we can so you know what adventure or experience is right for you.




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