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San Diego: A wise man once said....

It's not a dream

A wise man once said “No matter what, California is always a good idea”. Without having to think too much we packed up the car and headed to San Diego to be kissed by the Sun for four days. With palm trees and 80 degrees nothing quite comes close to the Golden Coast.

We stayed in the green hills of El Callejon however by using Airbnb you can virtually find a place as close to or as far from the beach as you want. (TIP) Waking up in a hotel just two steps from the beach is incredible but saving $100’s in your budget is also an incredible feeling. Rather than stay in a beach side hotel find a cheaper rate a few blocks away. Lets be honest with an ocean, miles of beaches, and vibrant night life cities you won’t be spending much time locked up inside.

We headed to La Jolla Shores to take up surfing and body boarding. If you don’t have your own boards there are plenty of shops close by that rent them relatively cheap. Typical Surfboard rental prices $8 hour or $24 for a full day. Be sure to get a wetsuit if you plan on being out in the water for awhile (avg. temp 62°Fahrenheit/ 16° Celsius). Surf is typically 3-6ft which is great. Our group got lucky or not so lucky depending on who you ask, we rode out into 8-10ft which was quite much seeing as it was all our first time. With the help of an awesome instructor most of us were riding waves in about 15 min. For those in our group who couldn’t get it down they spent their time riding waves on body boards which is equally as fun!

After a fun morning at La Jolla we headed down to Pacific Beach. With sandy beaches, 3 miles of boardwalk, and a vibrant atmosphere it is the definition of a Southern California town. Before you hit up the night life at one of the many clubs rent a bike and cruise along the boardwalk at sunset. Without a doubt it’s a lively place to be, bars and cantinas can be found on every corner; needles to say there are plenty of college aged people and young adults around. If you are looking for some authentic tacos or burritos look no further than La Perla. Having lived in Mexico for two years I can confidently say La Perla was some of the most authentic Mexican food I have had north of the border. (TIP) Look for places with long lines, lines are always a good measure of the quality of food.

If you are looking for the perfect Instagram picture try heading over to Scripps Pier in La Jolla for an incredible pier shot. The ocean is gorgeous to shoot at anytime of the day but for the best photos wait for the golden hour (right around sunset). Early morning shots can be difficult as a result of the fog that usually hangs over the beaches.

Once the sun sets find one of the many fire pits on the beach and kick back to a bonfire and some music. Bring a blanket or hoodie because it can get a little chilly at night. If you want a great night shot of San Diego travel to Coronado Island the view is very impressing. If you’re into architecture head to the San Diego LDS Temple, it is a jaw dropping structure that is magnificently lit up at night.

Be sure to spend some time on Coronado Island, the beaches are massive and you’ll never have to worry about finding a spot to lay down your towel. Another site to see while on the island is the Hotel del Coronado, it is a national historical landmark and at one time was the worlds largest resort hotel.

Before leaving sunny San Diego run your toes through the warm silky sand, smell the salty ocean breeze, embrace the warmth of the sun, take a dip in the refreshing ocean, and above all enjoy the moment with those around you. Like the wise man once said, “No matter what, California is always a good idea”.

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