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Hiking Eagles Nest

Ever wonder why eagles build their nests so high up in trees? By the end of this voyage I came to completely understand why. Eagles Nest is an abandon restaurant/lodge that sits on a cliff, it was destroyed by an avalanche and fire. Spoiler: There are no Eagles Eggs to drink to gain superpowers. All that remains is a playground for adventure seekers. The skeleton of this lodge is located in Provo Canyon, Provo, UT above the famous and frequently visited Bridal Veil Falls.

The voyage to the Eagles Nest is by no means easy. Moving at a moderate pace with backpacks full of photography equipment and a group of 7 people (majority inexperienced hikers) it took us 3 hours to ascend. (TIP) Don’t wear vans skating shoes for this voyage, grab an old pair of running shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty or some hiking boots.

The beginning of the hike is rather easy with wide paths that are well marked. After multiple cutbacks up the east side of the mountain the hike will increase in difficulty drastically after crossing over the upper part of the falls. At this part the hike will actually turn into a rock climbing trip, if you’re deathly afraid of heights this might not be the place to overcome your fear. There is little room for error.

The SECOND SECTION of the hike at this point will have you facing south and looking straight up a large rock crevice with trickling water. There will be steel cables hanging down. This is when you will wish you had a good pair of shoes and gloves. The cables seem pretty secure but use your discretion before trusting your life with them. (TIP) Don’t slide your hand on the cable because some areas may be frayed and the wire will stab your hand, instead use the hand over hand method.

If in a group its a good idea to send a good climber up first to assist the others and then place a trusted individual at the very end of the line to help anyone from sliding down or potentially falling.

If you’ve made it this far CONGRATULATIONS you passed the hardest part! The THIRD SECTION will be a series of cutbacks taking you west and east along the mountain side. The trails will grow increasingly narrow through this section with sheer drop offs, watch your step!

In the FOURTH SECTION you will come across the source of bridal veil falls which is a stream (we brought along Survivor Filter Straws and drank straight from the cold fresh stream). At this point hike up the stream, there will be a multitude of downed trees, follow the source of the stream for about 80 yd. On your right you will see a path that will lead you west along the mountain side.

This path will lead you to a small section of rocks to climb over there is a cable there to help you. You will then have to climb under a massive log in the path and SECTION FIVE will begin. This section is very steep and you might slide backwards frequently, the cables will seem heaven sent as they lead all the way to the top of the steep grade. (if you need inspiration to finish look up to your right and you will be able to see the rusty ruins of the nest).

Once you make it up the steep grade you have one last section to complete. SECTION SIX will be a flat hike headed west to the nest which will take you under an overhanging cliff.

Throw up some hammocks, swing back and enjoy A lunch or snacks (we brought Tahoe Trail Bars which fueled our energy levels back up in no time, best part is they actually taste good) Take the time to soak in the majestic view of Mount Timpanogos and the canyon below you, if you’re gutsy enough try camping over night in hammocks at the nest! If you’re not staying remember the trip back will take about 3 hours so be sure to leave while you have plenty of light, you will need it going down as it is very steep.

After experiencing Eagles Nest and all it has to offer I think you too will understand more completely why eagles build their nests so high.


-Hiking boots/old running shoes

-Water (LOTS OF IT)

-Granola bars



Treble Hammocks. Great 2 person 3 point hammock, one of our favorites.

We had the awesome opportunity of working with Tahoe Trail bar, I've always loved cliff bars but these bars may have converted me! All natural and all vegan ingredients! They kept us going the whole trip. (we won't ever recommend something we don't like)

Ultimate Hammocks for the Ultimate view

Follow on Instagram to come along on the next voyage! @weekendvoyagers

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