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5 Reasons to Skydive

Imagine opening your eyes to the realization that you are ascending more than 13,000 ft into the calm blue sky that hovers above our heads. As you zip through the air your palms grow sweaty and your mind goes blank as the plane door is opened. The chill atmospheric air rushes in creating a deafening rumble. As you approach the door your body goes numb and all you can focus on is the empty blue void in front of you.

If you're reading this you have an interest in jumping out of a plane! So let me give you 5 reasons to help you make the leap!

1. Pure Adrenaline Rush

It all starts as you clip in your seatbelt and the engines begin rumbling. As the plane climbs higher and higher your stomach begins to drop. As the pilot signals to your tandem instructor that you've reached jumping altitude everything goes blank. The door swings open, chill air rushes in kissing your skin. As you look out the door into that blue abyss your mind and body enter a state of shock as they to figure out why you voluntarily are wanting to jump out of a plane at 13,500 ft. Your heart uncontrollably begins to race as you fall back to earth.

2. Conquer your Fears

There is nothing natural about jumping out of a plane two and a half miles above the earth at 120 mph for 60 seconds. Confronting and overcoming such a massive hurdle opens up unlimited doors on what is possible! You might come close to peeing your pants but you will feel more empowered than you ever have. "Fight your fears and you’ll be in battle forever. Face your fears and you’ll be free forever".

3. Begin Living

After you have touched earth again, you will have an epiphany, it will dawn on you that you can conquer your fears and that with action nearly anything can be attainable. Once you overcome your fears an unlimited amount of adventures will become a possibility. Base Jumping? Bungee Jumping? Flying in Stunt Plane? Hitch Hiking across the country? It all becomes a possibility!

4. It is beautiful!

As you free fall for 60 seconds at 120 mph it is an adrenaline rushing experience shrouded in tranquility. You won't be able to contemplate your next semester at school or the fight you got in with your loved one earlier that week. All you will be able to focus on is the NOW of the moment, leaving you feeling peaceful as your parachute is pulled and you float over Earth. You will see the world from a new perspective and join a privileged group of humanity that has had the opportunity to soar through the sky! It is truly an experience that cannot be matched.

5. Not as dangerous as you think

Of course there are inherent dangers of jumping from a plane but believe it or not it is rather safe.

For one you are strapped to a certified skydiving instructor who has logged in some cases 1,000's of jumps. Every piece of the equipment is well taken care of, it is also inspected and double checked. Short cuts are not taken seeing as your instructor wants to live another day as well! Every parachute comes with a back-up in the rare circumstance that it would be needed as well as a mechanism to self deploy at 3,000 feet if your instructor is unable to do so. After all you're more likely to die driving on the freeway to the drop zone.

Check out our Skydiving Video!

So pull out your bucket list and prepare to cross this one off! Thanks to our friends at Skydive Utah who helped us make this dream a reality. The staff made this experience a memorable one! With a King Air twin turbine aircraft, the fastest aircraft in the world used by civilian skydivers today we reached 13,500 feet in under 8 minutes. With such a large plane seating 12 jumpers there is plenty of room to jump with your entire crew. Wherever you jump factor in the scenery, with Skydive Utah we were able to have a breath taking view of the Wasatch Mountain range and the Great Salt Lake. The 60 seconds of free fall were pure exhilaration. In a nutshell at Skydive Utah, you get the fastest ride to altitude, and the highest jump in the state!

*All opinions expressed are solely mine

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