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Longest Zip Line Course in the USA

Since the beginning of time mankind has been obsessed with the power of flight. From the Wright brothers, to Neil Armstrong, to those insane guys who jump out of airplanes with wing suits. Since we haven't figured out how to sprout wings yet, a trip through a Zip Line Course is a simple and easy way to satisfy that need to soar through the sky!

To satisfy our need to soar through the sky we headed to Zip Line Utah who boasts the longest course in the country over 2 miles and 10 zip lines. It is also has the second longest Zip Line in the lower 48 states, we figured if we were going to give zip lining a try we wanted to go BIG!

Don't be mistaken, this is NO Disneyland ride! Rather than just being a Zip Line it is a Challenge Course. This is the only course in the world that is a continuous loop, once you start you never touch the ground until you are finished.

You start at an 80ft. tower, zip across 10 zip lines, traverse over 7 suspension aerial bridges, and climb over 400 stairs. In all you will have traveled over 2 exhilarating miles. If two miles seems too much for you to handle there is a variety of packages that could be selected to better accommodate what you are capable of.

Aerial Bridges

The adventure requires walking up multiple massive spiral staircases that wrap around towering poles. Each step adds to the adventure, the unique thing about this course is that you are on a continuous safety loop system attached to a cable and your harness at all times, in a nutshell *You aren't going anywhere.

Depending on what package you choose you can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours on the course. If you are in a rush and just want a quick jolt of exhilaration you can choose the Screaming Falcon Ranger Ride and Zip.

Ranger Ride to the Top

The course is it is a hand braking course, meaning you are responsible for braking yourself as directed by guides. So if you are a speed demon you can thoroughly enjoy the tears running down your face as you zip through the air or you can take a slower scenic approach to the course.

The premiere line offered by Zip Line Utah is the Screaming Falcon. It is a 3900 foot line that crosses over Rainbow Bay which is located in the pristine waters of Deer Creek Lake. At nearly 4000 ft. of line the Screaming Falcon is the LONGEST Zip Line over water in the WORLD! Something that once completed can definitely give you bragging points. One of the most unique things about this course is it is surrounded by the Wasatch Mountain Range, giving you views that cannot be equaled. As you scream to the bottom look from side to side to take in this one of a kind perspective of the Wasatch Range and Deer Creek Lake.

Screaming Falcon

What really made this course special was the quick witted and funny guides that accompanied you the entire way. Aside from making sure you are safe through out the entire course they provide some great comic relief every once in awhile.

Jon Johnson, Owner

3 simple reasons to Zip Line

1. You will feel like a Super Hero soaring through the sky.

2. One of the most majestic ways to see the Wasatch Mountain Range.

3. With all the views and exhilarating emotions, you'll create memories you'll never forget!

If you need more encouragement check out our Zip Lining Video [Click Here]

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