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Top Things to Do in Denver

Without a doubt Denver provides an ample amount of city buzz and natural awe. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your visit to the Mile High City.

1. Visit the Rockies via the “Road into the Sky”

Hop onto the Mount Evans Scenic Byway. The road begins at Idaho Springs (32 miles west of Denver). You’ll need a half day to a full day to take in the beauty. There is multiple look out points and pull offs to enjoy a hike so be sure to bring appropriate clothing to hike in, you won’t want to miss the views. *Be sure to check for closure dates of the road

2. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

If you are outdoors enthusiasts, you won’t want to miss this destination which is located only 16 miles west of Denver. There are multiple paths that wind through the immense rust-colored buttes that emerge from the great plains below your feet. Depending on your time frame select one of the many Day Hikes in the area. If you are in town and have the means of seeing a concert at the Amphitheater DO IT! You will find yourself completely absorbed by the majestic scene of the red rocks and incredible acoustics that the amphitheater provides.

3. 16th Street Mall

If you want to unwind and shop a bit or even just people watch head over to 16th Street Mall. It is a mile-long corridor lined with stores and restaurants on both sides. Night or day the walk way is buzzing with life. If you are looking for the nightlife it can be found here. If you don’t feel like walking there are an array of bike taxis that will take you were you want to go. Try parking a few blocks away if you don’t mind the walk to avoid expensive parking lot fees. If you get hungry and want some quick pizza try Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, really good pizza for the price.

4. Larimer Square

The heart of Denver can be found at Larimer Square which is another hub or shops, restaurants and various venues and can be easily reached from downtown. Depending on the weather there might be street performances or festivals taking place, visit the website to see what is going on.

5. Venture Out

If you are into hiking, biking or climbing, we suggest you head to El Dorado Canyon State Park 29 miles west of Denver. There are over 500 technical climbing routes that bring world class climbers to the shear golden walls of “Eldo”. If you want to climb be sure to arrive early as the parking lot can fill up fast and popular routes can become crowded. The best time to visit is during cooler months and summer weekdays to avoid the crowds. TIP: BRING WATER, if you aren’t accustomed to the altitude it is very possibly you might get altitude sickness if you aren’t hydrated. A daily park pass is $8.00

*This park was selected as one of 10 State Parks You Can’t Miss by

Check out a historic Slackline event we filmed at the park (VIDEO)

6. Camping/Hotel

Our style of traveling typically always involves a little camping and then crashing in a hotel for the remainder of the trip. Depending where you are staying in Denver find a way to get into the mountains. Temperatures can drop rather fast in the mountains so be sure to bring extra layers (you can always peel of layers). We decided to stay in a hotel right outside of Denver that way we would have easy access to the city and easy access to what nature had to offer. Plus it staying on the outskirts of the city saved us some $$$.

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