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6 Ways to Party in Las Vegas

Here are some top tips for visiting Las Vegas. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but for the benefit of other weekend voyagers we will disclose our travel details so you can make the most out of your trip!

1. Win With Booking.

The odds might be against you when you are in the casinos but you can definitely beat the strip when booking a hotel. For obvious reasons Strip hotels tend to be more expensive, try staying off the strip or staying in downtown. We stayed at the directly off the northern end of the strip at a Marriott and saved significantly. For us we weren’t in our room for the majority of the trip so it didn’t make sense to stay in a $400 room a night. However, If you are going to stay in a resort on the strip be sure to ask and factor in the resort fees.

2. Eat Like a Local

Food always has a way of adding up your trip expenses, but there are smart ways to dine in Las Vegas. First, avoid peak dinner times. The busiest dinner times in Las Vegas are between 6-8pm, if you can be flexible try eating right before or after especially if you are going to visit a buffet as the lines can get unruly. To save the most don’t eat on the strip, but if you want a resort meal try the Estiatorio Milos in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas which does a meal deal serving a three-course weekday lunch for $20.13. High end dinning experience for not such a high end price. For a good buffet experience try the $35 all-day pass usable at both the Luxor and Excalibur.

3. Longer Than You Think

If you plan on walking the strip be warned that it is incredibly long (4.2 mi) we decided to walk the entire strip and after walking through all the casinos and stores we had walked over 15 miles that night and yes our legs were dead. Wear some comfortable shoes if you plan to walk, leave the heels and fancy shoes for the club. TIP: Women should bring a comfortable pair of flats in their purse. If you don’t want to walk, try the Las Vegas Monorail a 24-Hour pass is only $12. Traffic is crazy on the strip so expect long wait and travel times for cabs leave 30 minutes to an hour before to make it to dinner appointments, concerts, or shows.

4. Plan Your Night. Shows and Free Attractions

Regardless of how fast you walk you will never see the whole city in a night but there are a few places that are must see’s as you explore the streets. So before visiting plan out the sites in order of importance you want to see. Each hotel also has flyers of shows and attractions so check those out.

Not everything cost money in Las Vegas, there are multiple free attractions some include the dancing fountains at the Bellagio which are choreographed to music and lights meant to dazzle (M-F between 3pm-8pm the show occurs ever ½ hour), while at the Bellagio check out the chocolate fountain and the decorated conservatory; the Pirate battle at the Treasure Island (Nightly at 7pm, 8:30pm, 10 pm, and 11:30pm) the Light and music show at Fremont Street Experience or the M&M store. If you have the budget though and you’re looking for a little thrill, you can find it on the New York New York roller coaster or on the top of the stratosphere with its various rides;

5. Gambling 101

Sign up for a player’s clubs even if you don’t plan on doing much gambling sign ups are free, sign ups often come with bonuses such as discounts on shows, attractions, restaurants, shops and even freebies. If you do gamble be sure to have one so you can accrue points.

Don’t know how to gamble that’s ok. Las Vegas casinos of all sizes offer free gambling lessons where you will learn the rules as well as game lingo.

TIP: You have better odds at table games than slots.

6. More Than Just City Lights

If you are looking for something beyond the city lights venture out to the Hoover Dam. We recommend visiting it around sunset if you want to catch a spectacular view. The shear size of the dam is breathtaking. There is no cost to drive across the dam. The easiest way to see it is by parking on the Arizona side of the dam in an upper parking lot and then walking down so you can look over the edge. The slowest months for visitation are January and February. If you plan on doing a tour the least crowded time of day for tours is from opening until 10:30 am and 3:00 pm until closing. TIP: Once darkness hits pedestrians are prohibited from the top of the dam.

BONUS TIP: Typically the best rates in Las Vegas can be found during the “slow” times, July, August, and mid-December. Also if you have a flexible schedule try visiting anytime between Sunday-Thursday for the cheapest rates.



-Comfortable Walking Shoes

-Light Jacket (temps severely drop at night and hotels blast the AC during the day)

-Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses for daytime walking


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