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The Top Las Vegas Tour Experience | Las Vegas Trike Adventure Tour

Look at any bucket list of must-see destinations in the U.S. and Las Vegas will always be at the top. The catch with Las Vegas is it’s more than just a “Must-See”, it’s a “Must-Experience” destination. When visiting Las Vegas don’t be fooled, there is a whole lot more to experience in addition to the 4.2 mi long famous Strip.

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In total transparency, Las Vegas is a unique destination for us because we hate gambling. Gambling on the strip is about as fun as burning $100 bills to us. BUT we are attracted to the area for its energetic atmosphere that is buzzing with excitement, laughter, and stories waiting to be made.

Our typical stop in Vegas usually includes playing a few slot machines, eating at a buffet, walking the strip, seeing a show, and of course, sitting back and people watching. On this trip though we wanted to do something unique to experience Sin City in a way we never had before. The criteria for this experience was it had to something super unique we couldn’t do anywhere else, budget-friendly for two people, a decent amount of time (good value), fun (something that would make for a great story and make our friends jealous), and of course, with current circumstances it needed to be COVID safe.

We checked out helicopter rides but they were just way out of our budget and the value didn’t seem to be there since the strip flights only last about 10-15 minutes. As we continued to search for something we came across an interesting business that offered a scooter tour through Red Rock Canyon and then that is when I stumbled across Vegas Trike Adventures.

Let me just tell you, if you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind experience in Vegas this is your place. And, no need to worry you don’t need to have any motorcycle experience in order to drive these luxurious powerful three-wheeled monsters. So, let me take you through our criteria and show you why Vegas Trike Adventures was at the top of our To-Do list when we visited.


Unique Experience:

We wanted to see and experience Las Vegas in a new way and Las Vegas Trike Adventures delivered just that. They offer a series of tours from the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, and even a tour that takes you to Pawn Stars and other iconic Vegas destinations. They also offer private tours and customizable destinations for large groups.

We choose the “Red Rock Tour with Las Vegas Strip 3 Hour Trike Tour”. A little disclaimer, the owners gave us the ability to choose if we wanted to ride down the strip for a photo op at the Las Vegas sign or if we instead wanted to hit the open road and spend more time out at Red Rock Canyon. Our group unanimously decided we would rather skip riding down the Strip boulevard so we could have more time out at Red Rock Canyon.

What makes this such a unique experience is you get all the benefits of riding a motorcycle while not having to know anything about riding a motorcycle. To ride a trike you don’t need a motorcycle license or any previous motorcycle knowledge you just need to be at least 21+ to operate it.

Easy to Operate

The majority of our group had never ridden a motorcycle so when we first arrived and saw the Trikes we were a bit intimidated by these monsters of machines. The owners assured us that it would be easier than it looked and they promised that within minutes of instruction we would be ready to hit the open road. The simplicity of operating these bikes is a result of them having an automatic transmission, meaning there is no clutch to worry about like on a normal motorcycle.

After a short 10 minute orientation and some practice runs, we felt comfortable with operating the Trikes, and just as they promised we were ready to hit the open road.


At the time of writing this article, the experience we selected costs only $185. Yes, ONLY $185!!! If you’ve tried to do anything remotely “unique” in Vegas you know how expensive things can get. The $185 covered one bike for Meg and me. Each bike can hold a combined weight of 400 pounds. If you would like to switch drivers for example one of you gets to drive half the time then you switch there is an additional $20 charge. You are required to purchase a bandanna to wear under the helmet to keep the helmets from getting all sweaty and gross, which I appreciated! The bandanas cost $5.00 for 2. With this kind of pricing, you can tell the owners aren’t trying to nickel and dime you but instead share their passion for Trike riding with you! Then of course bring a few extra bucks to leave a tip.

Great Value:

As I mentioned this adventure only cost $185 for two people for a total of 3 hours. That breaks down to $92.50 per person. Which can further be broken down to $30.83 per hour per person. I can promise you, you won’t find this kind of adventure for $30 an hour anywhere near the strip!


With COVID still being an issue of concern, we were pleased to find that Las Vegas Trike Adventures was taking all the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their guests safe. Everything is sanitized after use, when applicable social distancing was in place or the use of masks was enforced. The other benefit of this experience was you weren’t crammed into a closed-off bus or van with a bunch of strangers for this tour. Instead by nature of the tour, you are in an open-air situation with a helmet on and separated by several feet. Probably, the safest and most appropriate “Covid Era” tour you could take.


The entire experience was incredible! Not only did I get to live out my fantasy of feeling like I was in an episode of Sons of Anarchy but we also were able to experience the beauty of Red Rock Canyon.

Las Vegas Trike Adventures is an authorized Rewaco Trike Partners. That might not mean much to you but that means they have access to a fleet of luxurious imported Trikes from Germany that are engineering marvels of chrome, leather, and thrills all packaged on top of a Mitsubishi Turbo Engine.

A definite advantage of using these trikes is they are so wide and stable that the driver doesn’t have to worry about trying to balance the bike; instead they can focus on the open road and the breathtaking scenery around them.

The ride to Red Rock Canyon can take anywhere from 40 min to an hour depending on traffic. We were able to cruise through the outskirts of town and reach the Open Road headed into Red Rock Canyon within about 40 minutes that day. The first stop was the Red Rock Canyon sign. When we arrived, Marilyn, who is one of the owners proactively made sure that everyone got a photo in front of the sign. She took our camera, lined us up just right and snapped as many pictures as we wanted with our phone.

After that, we continued toward Red Rock Canyon and stopped at about two other vista points. One was a bathroom stop that also happened to have a trail right next to it which was a bonus because while everyone was using the restroom our group was able to walk on the trail a bit and take some gorgeous pictures of the stunning two-tone red rock canyons.

As we made our way back to Las Vegas on that long asphalt road we soaked in the moment and just couldn’t help but smile. There was something magical about the way the chrome trike glistened as the sun was setting behind us, the whistle and roar of the turbo engine as I pulled back on the throttle, and the way it lurched forward cutting through the crisp cool air all while being able to soak in the beauty of mother nature with my wife and friends. Las Vegas Trike Adventure provided the unique one of a kind experience we were hoping to have in Las Vegas.

Check out Las Vegas Trike Adventures next time you visit Las Vegas and tell 'em Weekend Voyagers sent you:

*Thanks to Vegas Trike Adventure for the experience. The opinions in this article are strictly that of Weekend Voyagers and not influenced by Vegas Trike adventure.

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