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Rainforest Inn B&B | Hidden Gem in Puerto Rico

There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with this enchanted island….the cheerful hospitality, the warm turquoise waters, soft warm sand, boundless fresh fruit, but most of all we were impressed with the lush El Yunque Rainforest!

On your next trip to Puerto Rico forgo staying at the common “Beachside Resorts” and Hotels and instead book a few nights at the Rainforest Inn Bed & Breakfast. We spent nearly a full week at the Rainforest Inn and here's the scoop….

Where is it?

When you think of staying in Puerto Rico most people only look for hotels along the northeastern part of the island, typically where the resorts are. Well, the one issue with that is its where everyone else is staying as well. What if I told you there was a location completely secluded from the outside world, elegant, resort-style service BUT…without the resort fee!

With a rental car from the airport, you’ll begin heading east and make it to the Rain Forest Inn Bed & Breakfast in about 40 minutes. As you make your way up the long winding private and gated road rain forest road you’ll begin to realize how secluded you really are. It is a great escape from the traditional busy hotels and resorts.

What are the rooms like?

Well, to be honest, we shouldn’t really call them rooms, the more appropriate word would be villas. We stayed in two of the villas The Jungle Suite & The Chalet the third villa we didn’t have the opportunity to stay in was the Garden Suite.

Watch this, First!

The Chalet apartment is located on the top floor of the complex, it has two bedrooms and a living room. There are two beds and two couches its spacious enough that you could comfortably sleep 6 if needed. There is a full bathroom stocked with all the necessities you might need, a full kitchen, and breathtaking porch views of the rainforest and Caribbean. Your private porch is outfitted with hammocks both in the front and back.

The Jungle Suite was the highlight of our stay while at the Rainforest Inn. This villa is outfitted with a kitchenette, living room, bathroom, and a massive private porch. The walk-in shower is quite the experience with stunning views of the rainforest and Caribbean. The private porch has massive open windows that overlook your own section of the rainforest, it was tempting to spend the whole day on the porch swinging back an forth in the hammock. The rainforest has a way of lulling you away and making you forget all the cares in the world. Arguably the real highlight of the Jungle Suite is its unique Swinging Queen bed suspended from the ceiling, let us just say it really adds to the adventures one can have while at the Rainforest Inn Bed & Breakfast.

-The Chalet-

-The Jungle Suite-

Whats the food like?

What is a Bed & Breakfast without the Breakfast?! Of the many B&B’s we’ve stayed at this one seems to be in first place. The thought and preparation that goes into every plate are very apparent. You have the choice to be served breakfast in bed or to sit with the other guests and share a wonderful breakfast together. I would recommend that you eat at the table, most of the fun of traveling is getting to meet and interact with new people. Whether you decide to eat alone or with everyone else the all-vegetarian breakfasts are the perfect kickstart to a day full of adventure in Puerto Rico.

For dinner, we dinned mostly at the Kioskos in Luquillo. Essentially the kioskos are a row of food vendors and bars right in front of Playa Fortuna and adjacent to Luquillo beach. You’ll find a good mix of authentic Puerto Rican food as well as foreign restaurants and if you plan on drinking you’ll have plenty of options. The Kioskos are about 20 minutes away from the Rainforest Inn. Hop on HWY 3, head east and they will be on your left-hand side. ***Don’t leave Puerto Rico without trying the Mofongo!


What is there to do?

There are a plethora of adventures awaiting you in Puerto Rico! As tempting as it is to just swing away your time at the Rain Forest Inn get out and explore! Without having to go too far you can take a private hike blazed by the owners themselves (Lost Machete Trail) through the rainforest to a secluded waterfall and swimming hole. If you want to feel like a true explorer this is the hike for you. At the end of a maze of lush green foliage, you will have an entire swimming hole and waterfall to yourself, if you’ve ever wanted to get in touch with nature and shed that bathing suit this is your place! If the lost machete hike gets you excited to try one of the hundreds of trails located in the National El Yunque Rainforest.

We scheduled the majority of our adventures with Kayaking Puerto Rico and we would highly advise you do as well. The took the stress out of planning and coordinating and provided stellar service. We went on their Mini Boat Island Hopping excursion, Culebra Aquafari, and Bioluminescent bay kayaking tour. Each day was a true adventure with Kayaking Puerto Rico.

An hour west from the Rainforest Inn Bed & Breakfast will place you right in Old San Juan. Take the time to wander through the city and travel through time as you explore old forts, colonial architecture, and soak in the vibrant city colors.

Would we go back?

YES! The location of the Rainforest Inn Bed & Breakfast made this such a unique location to stay. Staying in the rainforest really set this experience apart from the traditional Caribbean beachfront hotel experience. For any first-timers traveling to Puerto Rico, looking to really escape and connect with the island I would highly suggest you stay in the Rain Forest. The beach is great and we will continue to stay at beachfront properties when traveling BUT when there is a Rainforest nearby I think we will always opt to stay in the Rainforest. There is something magical and rejuvenating about retreating to the depths of the secluded rainforest and falling asleep to the gentle sound of the rain and cacophony of coquis outside your window.


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