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TOP 5 Reasons to Sail in Old San Juan

There are a plethora of things to do while in Puerto Rico as a tourist. Our word of advice before departing this 'Enchanting Island' is to make sure you sail around Old San Juan at sunset. We'll give you 5 reasons as to what made this experience so INCREDIBLE and a MUST!

Reason #1: New Perspective & Stunning Views

If you haven't been to Puerto Rico before just realize that within Old San Juan you will do a LOT of walking. The main attractions of Old San Juan of course are the forts (San Felipe del Morro and San Cristóbal). As you walk into these forts you will traverse over 500 years of history and by the time you are finished walking through the forts you'll feel as if you've been walking for the last 500 years. The forts are deceivingly massive and cover a lot of square footage, the views, however, offered from the forts whether looking out into the Caribbean Sea or back into the city are breath taking.

My appreciation for these forts grew even more as we set sail at sunset on board the Amazing Grace. There was something absolutely magical about being on a sail boat looking at Fort San Felipe del Morro. It stirred the imagination with visions of Dutch and British sea vessels descending upon the fort and what must have been clouds of smoke as lead balls were hurled back and forth.

With such stunning views its easy to understand why Puerto Rico has been nicknamed "The Island of Enchantment".

To make the feeling even more authentic once you reach the point of San Felipe a small canon is fired from the bow of the ship. Make sure to plug your ears it is LOUD!

Reason #2: Relaxing

The overwhelming reason as to why we would suggest sailing with East Island Excursions is it is such a relaxing experience. After a busy day of hustling and bustling around Old San Juan its a refreshing break. The Amazing Grace is a topsail schooner with a cement hull, in other words it travels SUPER SLOW through the harbor which is perfect for those couples looking to snuggle up against one another with a glass of wine. Hold your significant other close in your arms and listen to the subtle latin music accompanied by the natural sounds of the ocean all while you take in stunning hues of color whether they be from the fleeting sun or Puerto Ricos rich colorful buildings.

Reason #3: Great Service

Everything about this tour with East Island Excursions was pleasant. The staff aboard the ship were beyond friendly and on top of that had a great sense of humor. As we traveled around the harbor passing things such as La Fortaleza, Paseo de la Princesa, Puerta de San Juan the staff aboard took the time to explain their significance. Being history junkies ourselves this made the experience even more exciting. If you have a question whether its about the ship or history of Puerto Rico I can almost guarantee they have an answer.

Reason #4: Appetizers & Drinks

The tour would've been worth every dollar even if drinks and appetizers weren't included so this was a cherry on top. Once aboard the ship you will have your option of beverage (Puerto Rican Rum, White Wine, Piña Colada, Medalla Beer Regular Soda, Iced Tea, and Juice.) There was something tempting about drinking down bottles of rum while aboard a pirate ship in the Caribbean but we opted out and did a virgin version of their special drink and it was DELICIOUS! Don't be afraid to ask for refills we personally had multiple refills.

The appetizers were a nice touch as well. We received some Puerto Rican traditional appetizers as well as some sliders. Once again don't be shy to ask for more we had probably 4 sliders.

Reason #5: Do you really need one?

Let me break down the reasoning for you its honestly rather simple:



1. Arrive early so you can be at the front of the boarding line so you can get your preferred seat, its a first come first served arrangement.

2. Bring a light sweater or jacket, once the sun sets it can get a little chilly just sitting out there on the water.

3. If you've got some spare money bring it along with you, you'll have the chance to tip the crew once you dock.

4. Leave all your worries and stress about life at the dock and soak in the experience.

5. The ship doesn't actually take you out into the ocean hence the name Harbor tour.

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